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2016 Spa Creek Accomplishments

2016 was a busy year on Spa Creek with many ongoing projects. Updates are as follows:

Water Quality Testing:
Spa Creek Conservancy (SCC) led the way in Annapolis and performed the first water quality testing of Spa Creek in memory.  We performed tests at five sites within the watershed and the data was analyzed and reported by Tammy Domanski of AACC Environmental Center.  We performed weekly testing all summer, we will continue with monthly testing during the winter to maintain our views on the quality of the water in Spa Creek.

The water quality test results were very eye opening and also were the focus on several articles in the Capital and also reported on local radio programs. The test results can be found on the SCC website at

Headwaters Project:
The Headwaters project is making good progress,   SCC received $2.8M in grants for the restoration in 2016.  We received the approvals from the City of Annapolis  in September 2016. Grading and the creation of step pools to remediate the creek bed by the Chesapeake Children's Museum was finished by mid-December. The resulting landscape will significantly slow down the rushing storm waters from entering Spa Creek.  We will now focus on remediating the invasive phragmites. See the video for a peek at the completed project.
Hawkins Cove:
SCC received a significant ($1.7 Million) grant to remediate the major source of the pollutants and sediments from entering Hawkins Cove.  This remediation effort is targeted to be performed during the Winter of 2017.  Once the upland remediation is complete, SCC will begin work to restore the watershed and shorelines.  This will deliver significant reductions in sediment and pollution into the Spa Creek Watershed.

The READY Team:
Annapolis youth members of the READY team have been hard at work around Spa Creek supplying the manual labor to clean and weed raingardens. But while they worked outside during the hot summer, they also learned about leadership and team building that will boost their prospects for future careers.
Spa Creek Conservancy Clean Water PaddleFEST:
SCC held its first fundraising event in September 2016.  We had more than 100 paddlers on Spa Creek for a great afternoon of fun and education.   SCC held a fantastic day for all ages enabling people to paddle on Spa Creek, learn first-hand at our EcoFair, participate in our silent auction and raise visibility and money for SCC.  The event was a great success and exceeded our expectations and goals and we are looking forward to planning PaddleFEST for September 16, 2017!

SCC needs your volunteer support as well.   While we have had several active volunteers join SCC, we need additional help to continue to deliver the great projects that SCC has underway currently.  If you would like to volunteer and support SCC's efforts, here are some of the ways people can become involved:

    Creek Clean-up Days
    Community outreach
    Educational opportunities
    Event planning and execution
    Grant writing opportunities
    Photography and videography
    Sponsorship/membership committees
    Web updating and social media
    Water testing and sample gathering

To become involved in SCC committee or the organization in general, please email Mark Budniewski, SCC Board of Directors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..