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Severn River Environmental Summit


Leaders, organizations and individuals  working to protect and restore the Severn River environment will meet to share information on objectives, successes, challenges and disappointments, plans, needs, and opportunities for collaboration. This invitation is directed to those whose interests are focused primarily on the Severn River and its watershed rather than on larger and/or different ones.


“Together for Results”

Monday 30 September 2019 
Clubhouse, 134 Sherwood Forest Rd, Sherwood Forest, MD 21405

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You are invited to participate, individually and/or on behalf of your organization.  This is a unique opportunity to improve collaboration among Severn River organizations, and to build enthusiasm among individuals who desire to take on more active roles in those organizations.

Daniel Mellin has kindly arranged a wonderful venue on the River.  It is guaranteed to inspire.  Please identify those who should be invited and pass this invitation on to them … Severn watershed groups and communities, motivated individuals, etc. 

An agenda is attached below, to be refined as we move toward 30 September.  Your ideas are welcome.

Leading organizations and individuals working to protect and restore important environmental attributes of the Severn River watershed, meet to share information in this suggested format:

  • Objectives
  • Successes
  • Challenges and disappointments
  • Plans, needs, and opportunities for collaboration with others attending.


Introduction                                    (3m)

Severn River Commission             (10m)
Severn River Association              (10m)
Spa Creek Conservancy                (10m)
Severn Riverkeeper                       (10m)
Others???                                        (10m)

Break, conversation                       (15m)

Community Associations             (15m combined for all)
Individuals, as scheduled             (10m combined for all)

Open Discussion, all                       (15m)

About 2 hours is targeted as a reasonable meeting duration, convening about 5 PM at the clubhouse.  Come early for informal discussion and to enjoy the river environment

Times are provisional and will be modified as attendees and additional constraints are identified. This agenda will be filled out with additional names as they are identified

The participating organizations are expected to promote the meeting as open to those actively interested or working in Severn River watershed. There are dual purposes: better coordination among Severn River groups and building enthusiasm among individuals whether already involved or interested prospectively.

Notes will be taken, and a meeting summary will be produced for attendees. Audiovisual equipment will be available to presenters.

Light nibbles and sips will be provided during the Break, funded by a suggested $5 per attendee, fronted by the organizations and reimbursed as possible.

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