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Fish Seine Survey 2018

seinefish smSampling for the 2018 fish seine survey on Spa Creek will meet at the Truxton Park Boat Ramp to seine at the adjacent beach.
Please be prepared to get a little wet.  This first sampling event may be a little longer as we learn to identify some of the fish species but should only take about 40 minutes to an hour. 
The schedule for the season will be the second and third Fridays of the month July through September at 4pm:
  • July 13th and 20th
  • August 10th and 17th
  • September 7th and 14th
Here is a quick resource for some of the fish:
The fish species we are likely to see are listed underneath.  The two super common species that we may see a lot of are Striped Killifish and Mummichogs.  Male Striped Killifish can be confused with Mummichogs because of their vertical bars.  There are a few other less common species that look similar that we may also see (Rainwater Killifish, Mosquito Fish, Pupfish, Banded Killifish). White Perch in the picture to the right. White Perch
  • Striped Killifish (notice males and females look different)
  • Mummichogs (most easily confused with male Striped Killifish)
  • Atlantic Silversides (possibly Inland Silversides too)
  • White Perch (young-of-the-year and adults)
  • Striped Bass (young-of-the-year)
  • Atlantic Menhaden (young-of-the-year)
  • Pumpkinseed
  • Gizzard shad


Final results for each seining 2018 at Truxtun Boat Ramp
  7/13/18  7/20   8/10  8/17  9/20
Species Count         
 Atlantic Silverside  9 17  70  73 
 Atlantic Needlefish  1  
 Inland Silverside  28 15  8    
 Mummichog  14 44  156  228  238 
 Pumpkin Seed    
 Striped Bass (young-of-the-year)        
 Striped Killifish 48  11  27  29  34 
 White Perch (young-of-the-year)  
 White Perch        
 Blue Crab    
 Sheepshead Minnow  2 10  11  94 
 Grass Shrimp       131   
 Spotted Seatrout        
 Mud Crab (Unidentified)        
 Fourspine Stickleback